Thor # 6 - A Wanted Comix/Greg Horn Art Variant Exclusive - Set of 3

Thor # 6 - A Wanted Comix/Greg Horn Art Variant Exclusive - Set of 3

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Now Ends... The Universe

Behold! Mighty Greg Horn bringeth the sound and fury, dropping a set of variant covers so powerful that a mayhap tear your Asgard a new one! Inspired by the beloved artwork of The King, Greglactus has illustrated a pair of variant covers based on the iconic cover of Thor # 155 by Jack Kirby and Vince Colletta. 

This time, the monstrous Mangog has been replaced with the enigmatic Black Winter, bringing with him an ominous threat to the universe and the startling revelation that his herald is none other than Galactus. He also bringeth plenty of Prell. You don't just wake up with silky smooth hair like that. That's work, folks. 

Our stock of the A & B covers will be limited, and courtesy of our amazing partner on this venture, Wanted Comix! So grab them while you can!

As for our store exclusive cover, Glamorous Greg his tapped into his feminine side to serve up the sensuously, spellbinding and alluring Amora the Enchantress! This vision of the stunning femme fatale was inspired from a panel within the pages of the character's first appearance in Journey into Mystery # 103! 

Print run --

  • 3,000 copies for Cover A
  • 1,000 copies for Cover B
  • 1,000 copies for Cover C