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Rick & Morty #100/Ricks new hat Bundle - Hugh Rookwood Hal-Con Exclusive

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(W) Ryan Ferrier, Alex Firer, Sam Maggs, Josh Trujillo, James Asmus (A) Constanza Oroza, Sarah Stern, Fred Stresing, Jarrett Williams, Emmett Hobbes, Tony Fleecs (CA) Hugh Rookwood


"They said it couldn't be done, but we did it anyway! Celebrating 100 issues of Rick and Morty, this special edition features highlights from Rick and Morty stories, plus a special bonus feature.


100 Issues! Rick and Morty!"

Only 50 of these will be released outside of Hal-Con

Releases October 26th 2022

This Item will not ship until after November 1st once Hal-Con is done.

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