Snake-Eyes: Deadgame A Greg Horn Art Exclusive Variant

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Stop your clocks and grab your socks! Time to the heed the call! We're in a state of Emergency in the Greg Horn Nation because your fearless leader is beside himself! 

The Enemy is everywhere, people -- especially within! Trust no one! Stay Silent or answer the call! But you must choose a side!!

Snake-Eyes: Deadgame delivers new villains, new stories and new interior artwork from the sensational Rob Liefeld, shipping out on July 15th!

The print run:

  • Snake-Eyes Loose Lips (Cover A) - 1,000
  • Baroness Wants You (Cover B) - 500
  • Baroness Red Virgin (Cover C) - 500

Covers A & B are available individually - or as a two-set - unsigned or signed with COAs. The C cover will only be available in a purchase of a 3-set (also available unsigned or signed with COAs).

As usual, we ask for patience while we assess the received inventory for quality control. Please anticipate an additional 3 - 5 days of handling before shipping begins. 

And now you know.

And knowing is half the battle. True Story.