G.I.JOE SILENT OPTION #1 Greg Horn Art variant

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Greg has done it again! He has created a Greg Horn Art Exclusive 3-variant cover series for G.I. Joe Silent Option #1.

     The set of comic books will include Cover A- the Trade Dress Variant featuring Dawn of Arashikage Snake Eyes, standing atop a pile of dead Cobra warriors. Then Cover B, a virgin variant, depicts a close-up of Snake Eyes with her visor lifted. Then, finally the Convention Exclusive "C" cover shows an illustration of Scarlett bringing the pain-- also a virgin variant! Additionally, we will be trying some new pricing options like 5pk and 10pk deals, along with Greg's standard print selections for each cover and also his past work for G.I.JOE!  
Print runs:

Cover A 1100
Cover B 800
Cover C 500